Fuse Board Upgrades - We offer a free visit to come and assess the condition of your fuse board

Upgrades from £475 plus vat

Your fuse board, or to give it the proper name your Consumer Unit, is the electrical hub of your home. It distributes electricity to your lights, plug sockets, oven etc. if working correctly it should protect your cables from overload. This gives you and your family protection from serious shock or electrical fire. However, most people never give it a second thought. I often hear people say ‘It worked fine, so we just left it alone’ or in some cases the home owner doesn’t even know where it is. It is important to maintain your electrical installation and a functioning and safe fuse board goes a long way to doing this.

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A Fuse board in need of replacing.
A new fuse board being tested.

A replacement fuse board is a job for a registered electrician. A rogue trader or somebody not qualified and experienced in upgrading consumer units could do untold damage to your home and put your family's safety at risk.

So if your fuse board looks something like this it could be time to get some free advice on getting an upgrade.

Call 020 8914 8297 or email info@wandle-elec.co.uk to book your free assessment.

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