Halogen v LED – The EU are spot on with this one.

13/06/2016 by Wandle Electrical Services

outsidelightAll this talk of the EU has reminded me of when they tried to ban Halogen lamps in 2015. The ban has been put back to 2018. In my opinion the EU were right to try and ban the power guzzling halogens, not only is running halogens heavy on the pocket they get red hot making them much more of a fire risk than LED lamps. If you still have halogen downlights you may be able to change them to LED by swapping the lamps. Some halogen downlights will require rewiring/replacing.

Changing Halogen lighting to LED is probably one of the most common jobs we get in Wallington and Carshalton at the moment.  The LED lamps are coming down in price so many people are taking the opportunity to start saving on energy bills and recouping the outlay on the LED lamps.  Give us a call or email if you want any advice on this subject.  Tel 020 8914 8297 – Anthony@wandle-elec.co.uk.



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