Electric Vehicles – The Future?

12/12/2017 by Wandle Electrical Services

If you have been thinking of getting an electric/hybrid car then you need to consider how you will charge the vehicle at home or work.  You may already have your vehicle but are frustrated as the charger supplied with the vehicle is very slow.  Government grants are still available for domestic and commercial installation of…Read More

Electrical Safety in The Home at Christmas

03/12/2017 by Wandle Electrical Services

Your local electrician has put together a few tips and videos to keep you safe in your home this Christmas. Keep you and your families safe this Christmas by taking a few minutes to read our top tips to electrical safety at Christmas. Hair dryers/stylers Over 650,000 house fires have been started by electrical beauty…Read More

Fake and Counterfiet Electrical Items

19/11/2017 by Wandle Electrical Services

Fake and Counterfeit Electrical Items if the price is (almost) right, it’s probably fake Some fakes are for sale just below the recommended retail value, hoodwinking shoppers that are too savvy to fall for the ‘too good to be true’ deals. Make sure you do your homework if you decide to buy products below high…Read More

When Did You Last Check Your Fuseboard?

24/10/2017 by Wandle Electrical Services

   What does a fuseboard do? Your fuseboard, or to give it the proper name your Consumer Unit, Is the electrical hub of your home. It distributes electricity to your lights, plug sockets, oven etc  if working correctly It should protect your cables from overload. This gives you and your family protection from serious shock or…Read More

We are recruiting a new Electrician

14/10/2017 by Wandle Electrical Services

  ELECTRICIAN WANTED We are currently looking for an electrician to join our expanding team. Wandle Electrical Services is based in Wallington and the majority of our work is local, within the London borough of Sutton and Croydon. At Wandle Electrical Service, we care about our customers. Providing top drawer electrical work coupled with excellent…Read More

Is your homes earthing and bonding up to scratch?

03/09/2017 by Wandle Electrical Services

FREE EARTHING AND BONDING CHECK IN WALLINGTON SM6 AND CARSHALTON SM5 Earthing and bonding is a less ‘glamorous’ aspect of the work an electrician carries out in your home.  None or inadequate earthing/bonding is one of the most common faults we find in homes in Wallington SM6 and Carshalton SM5. It is a highly essential…Read More

Thinking About Downlights, Take a Look at Our Guide

02/03/2017 by Wandle Electrical Services

Recessed Downlight  Recessed downlights are a versatile light source for homes and offices. They can fulfil any of the three main lighting roles: general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. This information enables you to calculate how many lights you need and what type. How Many Downlights Do I Need? A simple method for estimating…Read More

Do you need a rewire?

01/03/2017 by Wandle Electrical Services

  Do you need a rewire? If you are looking at this page then it’s likely that you have been advised or you have realised you may need a rewire of your homes electrical installation.  We do a lot of rewires in Sutton, Croydon, Purley, Carshalton and Wallington.  The first piece of advice I would…Read More

A Brighter Outlook: Tips on Safe and Effective Garden Lighting

27/02/2017 by Wandle Electrical Services

I get asked a lot of questions this time of year regarding garden lighting.   Garden lighting takes two general forms.  The first is a functional light like a security light.  The second is predominantly decorative, highlighting features, trees, shrubs, water features and so on.  A well thought out garden lighting plan can increase security/safety for…Read More

6 Ways to Reduce Your Electrical Energy Bills

22/01/2017 by Wandle Electrical Services

    Thud! That was the sound of the Christmas credit card bill hitting the door mat.  This time of year most of us are not feeling flush after the expense of the Christmas period.  With this in mind please find my 5 tips for reducing your electrical energy consumption.  These will not only help…Read More

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